7 Adventurous One Day Road Trip from Jaipur by Bike as Well Car

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7 Adventurous One Day Road Trip from Jaipur by Bike as Well Car

Pushkar is a pleasure for the Jaipurites who do not have enough time to leave. We took the opportunity to escape from busy life for one day or two days and were transferred to the exotic seaside resort of Pushkar – The Holy Place. We started our walk early in the morning at 06:00 AM and it took less than 03 hours to NH-8 for the 133 KMs trip to Ajmer to be guided, where we headed for Dargah Shareef for blessings. Now the time has come to walk on NH-89 and reach Pushkar by driving 15 KMs. Staying in the Pushkar resort was more than great, well relaxed and enjoyable.

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Jaipur to Abhaneri

The next best stop for your getaway may be. This is a village in Dausa district located 95 KMs from Jaipur on the Jaipur – Agra road, which can take about 02 hours on NH-11. Abhaneri is one of the most wonderful places that are famous for its stepwell. So, spend a day of your daily routine and praise beauty with friends.

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Jaipur to Neemrana Fort-Palace

Neemrana offer a vibrant place for escapades. There stands the wonderful Neemrana Palace, from the 15th century. It is the most popular heritage hotel on the road to Delhi, about 150 KMs from Jaipur. The road to Neemrana on NH-8 is a great pleasure that rejuvenates us as we discover new tracks and explore new roads and ways.

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Jaipur to Ranthambore

Ranthambore is about 150 KMs from Jaipur, which is connected to Jaipur by road and train. The best of all means is to travel to Ranthambore via NH-24 of Rajasthan. Ranthambore national park tour package is well known for its tigers which can also be seen in broad daylight. Reaching Ranthambore does not take as much time, only 3 to 4 hours. For the first time, my friend and I went on a long bike trip from Jaipur to Ranthambore and thought it was the best of all road trips. Besides the big hotels, there a ‘Swaad Desi Dhaba‘ where you can taste the best of Rajasthani dishes.

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Jaipur to Agra

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the city of Taj Mahal, Agra, is 240 KMs from Jaipur. To get to such a beautiful city, the most convenient way is via Agra – Bikaner NH-11, which can take up to 5 hours to reach your destination. Major Jaipurites prefer a road trip on weekends. The road to Agra is amazing, full of adventures and observations.

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Jaipur to Sambhar Lake

For all those who feel mentally and physically confined, this place is perfect. A place where horizons extend to immensity, where water and sky merge in a blue glow and where the crumbling call of curlew is the main voice you listen to. Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan is the largest salt solution in India. Just stay on NH-8 and RJ SH 57, drive for 2 hours to 72 KMs and you will be there. It can be easily accessed using any form of public transportation. Shakumbhari Devi Temple, Devayani Tank, is nearby tourist attractions that can also be visited.

Jaipur to Bhangarh

Rajasthan is truly a dream destination for tourists. With temples, forts and gardens, it is the beautiful fusion of a living culture. Such a place, Bhangarh is the perfect destination to relive these horror movies on haunted places. Bhangarh Fort is one of the most haunted places in the world. To enter the perimeter of Bhangarh fort, we made our way through the NH 11 to cover the distance of 85 KMs in 2 hours. Drive feels smooth and exciting with friends. The view is amazing and the visit to Bhangarh is unforgettable. Visit this place to be greeted by a cursed fort and a haunted story.

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Anil Sinha is a wanderer at heart and a biker with a passion for penning down meaningful words. Despite a successful career in business, Anil soon found that he preferred writing stories that can help other bikers like his. He starts a bike on rent in Jaipur, and other locations of India at reasonable price.

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Reasons Four Wheelers Can Never Beat Two Wheeler

Hi guys!!! Does the topic sound interesting, right? We all have some kind of vehicle with us. It can be a car or a motorcycle. The difference is that a four wheel is basically bought for high status and some comfort. But currently, two wheels are the trend. Especially for young people. The middle class and small families also prefer bicycles. But the main reason behind owning or renting a bicycle is the adventure and excitement that one gets. You can see the world from a different angle if you are on a bicycle. It gives you passion and encourages you to travel more and more. A passionate cyclist can never tire of riding. It’s like a meditation. Even the songs are also changed from “Aaja Meri Gadi Mai Baithja” to “Dhoom Machale”.

These ways in which two wheeler vehicles are more useful, adventurous and exciting than four wheels –

You Can Enjoy the Scenic Beauty – When you drive two wheeler vehicles, you have the complete freedom to see and enjoy the scenic beauty instead of driving a four wheeler from inside a closed cabin. In a two wheeler vehicle, you have a complete view through your helmet. It also helps you identify what is really happening around you.

No Toll Taxes – Yes!!! What is more surprising than saving a few dollars when going through tolls? You can simply go from a different lane that is specially made for the two wheels. There is no toll tax charged for it.

More Affordable – without a doubt, a motorcycle is cheaper than a car, whether you own it or rent it. The motorcycle always costs you less. You have an incredible mileage and the cost of fuel is lower. Then, basically, you can save your money while traveling in a two wheeler vehicle.

More Adventurous – Riding a bike on mountain trails or zooming on a road, is always more adventurous than a car. The curves you take in the mountains with an incredible view are extraordinary. Surely it contains some risk, but there is no adventure if there is no risk. But remember to use all your cycling gears before having an incredible ride.

Less Space for Parking – there is always a parking space for a two wheeler vehicle. You can park it anywhere. You do not need a large space to park a two wheeler vehicle. This is the reason why you can always depend on your two wheeler vehicle when you leave.

A Vehicle for Every Road – It can be any road, a mountain path or an urban road full of traffic, a bicycle can go anywhere. It is a vehicle for each road. Surely you can trust your two wheeler vehicle before you test it on any road.

Save Traffic Time – We all go through traffic every day of our lives. Due to the heavy traffic, we often fall behind in our work. At this time you can be totally dependent on your two wheeler vehicle. It will definitely save you a lot of time. The best thing is that you can take it even from a small space. It is much better than cars in traffic.

Stress Buster – A trip in a two wheeler vehicle after having a busy or stressful time works as a stress buster. You can move out of your bike and take an incredible trip. It will always make you feel great.

So, guys next time take out your bike on rent from our garages and take an incredible trip to India. It will be very fresh and charged after the trip and it will save you a lot of time.

Anil Sinha is a wanderer at heart and a biker with a passion for penning down meaningful words. Despite a successful career in business, Anil soon found that he preferred writing stories that can help other bikers like his. He starts a bike on rent in Jaipur, and other locations of India at reasonable price.

11 months ago Bike Rental

10 Most Exciting Road Trips in India

Have you ever been in a state where you simply got out of your zone, dropped everything, got your bike, and justify for a long trip? You have at least idea of it once in a while. Right! Well, in that case, you are not alone. A road trip with friends or the close one or a solo trip is much better to communicate with oneself and a best approx to mingle.

If you are too much getting into your today’s work you definitely require a road trip. No matter exactly what is the distance like it is said, “I require to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” In fact, there are a lot to explore and a lot to view since there are adventurous treasures out in the world just for the people who bring all possessions in a vehicle and just get lost in a road trip.

So, we handpicked some of the best exciting road trip in India. Keep going and keep getting lost because some beautiful paths can’t be found without getting lost. We hope you enjoy these amazing road trips.

Things One Need for a Crazy Road Trip –

  • A ride by bike.
  • Some Friends.
  • Music.
  • A camera.
  • Money.

Now here are top ideas for an exciting road trip in India –

  1. Manali to Leh highway

Manali to Leh highway have the best peaceful roads and extremely superb sceneries views. It is like exploring via the soul of nature and getting a delightful traveling. The amazing site is incapable to capture in just a few words. You have to go and feel the dancing wild flowers, the fragrant amazing breeze, and the bluish green hills and so on. Remember the song “Yeh Ishq Hai” from “Jab We Met”, and the scenery views it shows. Exactly an amazing to just like riding along this road on a bullet bike!

However, the road trip are little challenging and why not be, it has actually stored so many gems. The place is locating at an altitude in between 3 to 4 KMs and only summer seasons are good for traveling. But don’t forget to season in between.

  1. Visakhapatnam to Araku valley

Riding along with the scenery views of the Bay of Bangle and the Eastern Ghats in Visakhapatnam is worth to see. When you entered through the roads to the Araku valley you will go to behold at the mystic elegance of this union of the city and the hilly forests and skyfall of roads. The place worth giving a view and the curvy roads is an exposure of the nonchalant composure of earthly world and natural serenity. The roads are well maintained and it will be an amazing road trip to the Southern part of India. The road is about 116 KMs and you will find caves and Tatipudi Reservoir on your way. And the best time to travel is in between October to March.

  1. Shimla to Manali via Mandi

The Shimla to Manali via Mandi is a cherry on the top of your dream bike-it-list. Right! The road is flowing near the River Beas and it is so off-the-chart awesome and need to be felt at least once. With snow-capped mountains or hills, deep blue valley with green forests and magic hours, you will surely fall in love with the scenery. The best time to visit in this beautiful land is in monsoon season. It is among the best place to go.

  1. Guwahati to Tawang

North East is always keep gems in the lap of nature. Tawang is one of them. Calm and serene. The beauty worth to view. No matter how challenging the path is but when you reach the spot you will be amazed ensured. The roads are via the hilly greenery and Guwahati and Tawang have a distance of about 520 KMs. You will never going to regret to take this road trip. If the Guwahati has the city based locations and site then Tawang also comprehend with calm Monpa villages and serene mountains. The roads are the curly and a little bit complicated but you will enjoy the ride. You can stop in midst of the journey and can behold the North East unique treasure.

  1. Guwahati to Shillong

It is another road trip to take if you are willing to go North East and explore the valley. Shillong is the land of sweet cold breeze and warm fragrant flowers. The road is approximately 3 hours from Guwahati and it is like a ZIG ZAG line in a map. You will pass through the little Nangpo’s town and the Borapani Lake. The road is a little bit tough but enjoyable with natural scenes. It is a perfect gateway for your weekend trip. Best season is in between March to October.

  1. Puri to Konark

Orissa is always full of vibrant scenic beautiful ways and ideal natural tapestry. If you are in an east zone of India then you must take a ride from Puri to Konark. Both places are mystic land with ancient histories and architectural structures. The road is one of those highways where you are forced to click a memory with you. The roadway will take you in between the cover of the trees and the soft scented breeze. The journey may take approx one hour and a perfect way to get lost for some time.

  1. Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu La Pass

This road trip calls out the nature lovers; pass miles of treasure on both side of the road and the gem of the route which is decorated with Blue Mountains and green valleys, lakes and a lot more. The road may be challengeable but it is worth it because of the route you about to explore. Passing through the mountain ranges will surely cherish your mind. Take a road trip in winter and you will be amazed by the view. The stretch ids about 55 KMs long and will behold your vision.

  1. Bangalore to Bandipur forest

The Bandipur forest trail is most treasure India’s road trips way. Passing through the peaceful green lands and the historical vivacity is a plus one for the traveler. One can also take the Ooty to Bandipur national park through Mysore. You may be amazed at the views that forest stored for you. If the jungle wants then you see the animals in the forest with close range. This road is beyond the imagination. Enjoy the trip with your family or close ones. The stretch is about 235 KMs long and 5 hours at a brief.

  1. Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram

Knock knock whose there! The Ocean… Have you ever imagined a trip by road where you are in midst of the water and only water, like you are not riding but swimming. The road pr more precisely to say the bridge is in between the ocean. This trip by road is a treatment you as need the most. It is about 20 minutes of a trip but worth of the trip.

  1. Jaipur to Jaisalmer

The desert of Jaisalmer is the most famous trip if you want a diverse experience of vibrant India. The roadways are in good condition and you will go to like the journey it takes ahead. As well as what exactly or even more to say about the pink city. Jaipur is a treasure with pink architectural structures and fragrance of the sunny wind. The roads will amaze you in every point. Passing through the valley of sands and days you are amazed how it tunes with your heart.

Anil Sinha is a wanderer at heart and a biker with a passion for penning down meaningful words. Despite a successful career in business, Anil soon found that he preferred writing stories that can help other bikers like his. He starts a bike on rent in Jaipur, and other locations of India at reasonable price.

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Top 10 Places for Bike Trips in India from Jaipur for Bike Lover

An automobile drive may enliven your body, but a drive on the two wheeler enlivens you spiritually. At least, that’s what motor biking lovers have to say. It really is fine that you will be a biking lover, but perhaps you have gone from your two wheeled good friend to explore a few of the choicest locations in India. If you are yet to make the leap; then, it is the about time that you do so. The country boasts of a lot of road routes that you will like adventuring, as a separate biker.

bike on rent in Jaipur

  1. Highway Connecting Manali and Leh

The snowy glory of the highway that is nearly 479 kilometers long will probably be worth getting excited about. If you are not that comfortable about making use of your personal vehicle, you can benefit from the fascinatingly picturesque road trip Jaipur to Manali and Leh, bike on rent in Jaipur.

  1. The Route Leading to Gokarna

If you are keen on exploring a nearby location on bike for rent; then, you have reasons to head towards Gokarna. The second option is actually a perfect vacation spot for relaxation. Not just that, cruising along the street that links Bangalore with Gokarna makes an incredible experience, as the connective stretch out is well suited for biking.

bike on rent in Jaipur

  1. Route connecting Pollachi to Chalakudy

While Pollachi is situated the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the other locates its presence in Kerala. The connective way is marked by the presence of exotic rain forests and cloud forests. In the event that you are actually a fan of wildlife, then, you can also halt at the tiger reserve at Anaimalai that comes along the way.

  1. The road connecting Visakhapatnam to the valley of Araku

The pristine beauty of the linking stretch out which is nearly 116 kilometers long will leave you mesmerized. The street using its curly twists, hilly serenity and soothing elevation places the tone for an incredible ride in your selected motorbike. In the event that you participate in the southern area of the country, then, you ought not to lose out on the trip that connects Visakhapatnam to the valley of Araku.

bike rental in Jaipur

  1. The expressway connecting Mumbai and Pune

All over the trip through the expressway that is nearly 93 kilometers long, you will love the company of the bordering that is poignantly picturesque. If you are under stress and pressure then, you will see comfort in the lusciousness of the green flora that lies on the way.

  1. Trip to Gangtok and Darjeeling via Siliguri

Sikkim as well as, western Bengal may well not be that popular between the bikers, but once you make the right path through the hilly greenery, you will notice how the vacation spots are perfect and amazing for the fans of adventure and nature.

bike rental in jaipur

  1. Head towards Pondicherry from Chennai

You have to trudge across the “East Coast” expand that connects both destinations. The stretch out that stretches over a hundred and sixty kilometers offers perfect conditions for the cruiser biking.

  1. National Highway to Konark

Should anyone ever visit Puri, the spiritual destination that is based on the state of Odisha; then, don’t lose out on the chance of going to Konark through the country wide highway 203. You will love being on beautiful highways together with misty breeze.

rent a bike in jaipur

  1. Trip to the Forest at Bandipur

The latter is actually one of the most amazing trips to take pleasure from and avail in South India. You may make the right path through the wonderful highway that is nearly 235 kilometers long.

  1. Make your way through the desert sand

You can bet goodbye to the mundane mediocrity of the day – to – day life if you mind towards Khuri fine sand dunes found in the Thar Desert. You must trip through the stretch out linking Barmer and Jaisalmer to make your occurrence experienced amidst the dotted dunes of the desert sand.

Make up Your Mind

Given that you know about your options and avenues, you should have little if any problem to make up your mind, and hurrying headlong towards one of the destinations, together with your two wheeler best friends.

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